10 Benefits of a Computer Enclosure Over an Industrial Computer

Demands are high for computing in industry. Industrial machines have to cope with many hostile elements whilst also providing reliable computing. Traditionally industrial computers have been specific, bespoke machines. These industrial computers tend to run old hardware and versions of software. Whilst this has the advantage of making the machines stable and reliable, the out-dated technology may mean the processes controlled by the machine are not done as efficiently.These machines are also very expensive, not just to buy but also the maintenance. Industrial computers have to be maintained by service engineer, often forcing shutdown of production lines they also have to be replaced periodically as the hardware and software will eventually become obsolete. All computers eventually fail but an industrial computer enclosure means that over three generations of computers can use the same enclosure.Industrial PC enclosures are a more efficient, affordable and reliable alternative to these expensive machines. The main benefits of an industrial computer enclosure are:1. Withstand the same environments as an industrial computer, whether that is dust (including explosive atmospheres), dirt, grime, oil, grease and water (even completely doused). Enclosures are rated using European IP ratings that give a clear indication to the types of environments the enclosure can operate in, for example IP 65 totally protects dust whilst protecting against strong jets of water, (the first digit, 6, represents the dust protection the second digit, 5, the water) while IP 66 offers the same dust protection but the enclosure can be completely immersed in water.2. Enclosures can also withstand the same shocks, vibrations and tampering as the enclosure can be built from robust materials and the enclosed PC can be fitted snugly and secured with shock absorbing bolts. Enclosures can also be securely locked and bolted to floors or walls to protect against theft.3. For computing in extreme temperatures, computer enclosures can in fact work to a better standard than industrial machines as the extra cooling and heating units can be replaced if they are not working as efficiently as they should (a sealed industrial computer that is running too hot or cold would need to be replaced or returned for an upgrade).4. Computer enclosures can enable a PC to run equally as reliable as an industrial computer as the desktop PC housed in the enclosure can be any conventional machine, from a trusted office workhorse to the latest all singing, all dancing off-the shelf PC.5. A computer housed in an enclosure is also far cheaper than an industrial computer. Apart from the initial outlay for the expensive bespoke industrial computer, enclosures can out live an industrial machine by over a decade as an industrial computer will eventually have an internal failure (as all computers do) or become completely obsolete and will need replacing. However, an enclosure can be reused to house another machine and will in general house three generations of machines.6. A computer enclosure can house monitors, printers, touch-screens and all manner of computing equipment (including the peripherals such as mouse and keyboard ) or they can be combined with water/dust proof sealed keyboards and mouse.7. As an enclosure houses a conventional PC, any repairs or upgrades can be carried out in-house in minutes rather than have to wait for an engineer and have to shutdown the production.8. Enclosures can be manufactured from a range of material including food grade stainless steel.9. Enclosures can be lockable and secured to walls or floors to prevent theft or tampering.10. Enclosures allow you to choose which software or hardware to run inside the enclosure rather than suffer out-dated technology.With the demands of industrial computing so variable and extreme, industrial PC enclosures offer a flexibility that even conventional industrial computers fail to match whilst also offering the same protection and reliability for a fraction of the cost. PC enclosures are ideal for even the most hostile industrial environment and while specialist PCs will always be required for certain tasks the majority of uses for an industrial computer can be achieved using a conventional PC housed in an industrial PC enclosure.

Wear Resistant Steel for Industrial Wear Applications

A versatile solution, wear resistant steel can be tailored to a vast range of industrial wear applications. The many unique properties it exhibits make it highly suitable to wear parts for the military, the mining and aggregate industry, power plants, truck builders-anywhere or anyone for which / whom outstanding impact resistance, corrosion resistance and extreme temperature capabilities are important.What makes wear resistant steel so amenable to all these various applications is its unique combination of physical properties. They include but are not limited to high strength, superior high fracture toughness, excellent hardness, shock resistance and corrosion resistance. It also holds up extremely well to high temperatures. Industrial wear applications, in particular, take full advantage of all these outstanding wear resistant characteristics.In combination, these unparalleled physical properties give wear resistant steel a notable edge in industrial wear applications. Many other metals and ceramics can’t hold a candle to steel in such applications.Why is a wear resistant, corrosion resistant, high strength material so important for industries like mining and the military? It is because as technology has advanced, so too have machine efficiencies increased. In turn, the need for greater wear resistance has arisen. This is where wear resistant steel enters the picture. Its outstanding ability to endure wear and tear makes it a particularly ideal solution for today’s high-speed applications where durability is crucial.Wear resistant steel offers the following benefits to industrial wear applications.
It improves product lifetimes.
It enhances performance.
It affords manufacturing efficiency.
It reduces downtime.
This last advantage, in fact, may be its greatest selling point. Lost dollars resulting from an inability to fulfill business obligations, however, are just the tip of the iceberg for industrial wear application providers who frequently find their equipment out of commission thanks to normal wear and tear. The strained business relationships that succeed such downtime cost them even more money over the long haul. Even the most demanding applications in the modern-day industrial marketplace can count on wear resistant steel to keep them up and seamlessly running.Selecting a reputable steel manufacturer is the most critical step for industrial wear application providers. They should seek one with a longstanding track record in dependably supplying the type of specialized steel they require. They should also look for one that stands firmly behind its industrial wear products. Pride in manufacturing, one that places emphasis on meeting and exceeding the highest quality standards in the industry, is also a hallmark of distinction for which industrial wear application providers should be on the lookout for.To find such a specialized steel manufacturer, business owners for whom industrial wear applications are a normal part of operations should ask around. A manufacturer that is willing to work side by side with its customers shows it is in the game for all the right reasons. The one they ultimately chose to partner with should, above all else, be focused on the customer’s bottom line, work with the customer to reduce time and money spent maintaining and servicing different parts, understand the customer’s problems and be prepared to proactively solve them.